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The above legal issues are not ones that should be addressed by someone without significant experience. Through my extensive background representing a wide cross section of industries, I am able to work together efficiently with my clients to minimize existing risk and pro-actively prevent potential future issues. I will undertake to provide appropriate legal advice and representation in order to protect and advance your interests.

Frequently, small and medium-sized companies do not have the need for a full-time in-house counsel providing management over legal issues facing their foreign subsidiaries.  To ensure the risk associated with international legal issues is assessed and that appropriate local counsel is obtained, these companies need to engage the services of an outside attorney with significant experience and global outside counsel connections.


The IRS and tax authorities around the world have implemented financial account tax transparency laws. The laws impact financial institutions, companies outside the financial industry, and individuals. Compliance issues impact organizations and individuals in the following ways:

  • Financial Institutions (including investment funds) must create internal compliance programs and undertake annual reporting to their national tax authority

  • Companies outside the financial industry must provide financial institutions with complex IRS withholding forms and special self-certifications for existing and new accounts

  • Individuals must also provide IRS withholding forms and self-certifications

  • Individual account holders must determine whether they are considered a "US Person" and in which jurisdictions they are considered residents

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