International Legal Operations

Drawing on my in-house experience with The Coca-Cola Company and Genzyme Corporation, I provide individual project services or ongoing legal management of legal issues arising from a company’s international sales offices and foreign subsidiaries.

As the bridge between the HQ general counsel, CEO, CFO or head of international sales & marketing and the foreign operations, I enhance communication between the field and HQ and work to minimize risk associated with the company’s international growth.  An assessment of risk does not mean running to a large global law firm.  It involves determining: Is there a legal risk? Is it an acceptable risk? Is it one I will handle directly? Is it one that necessitates engaging a reputable local law firm from my established foreign outside counsel network?

The following are examples of my services:

  • Determine feasibility and requirements to establish new subsidiaries

  • Identify and manage outside counsel to establish network of qualified local counsel 

  • Advise leadership team how relevant laws apply to their foreign operations

  • Develop, implement and review corporate policies and procedures, compliance programs and compliance training

  • Draft contracts including: consulting contracts, confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, intercompany agreements, and distribution agreements in U.S.-sanctioned jurisdictions

  • Act as a generalist across foreign subsidiaries' legal issues

  • Manage foreign government investigations and private litigation


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