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Practical Impact of U.S. Trade Controls on a Business

News headlines announce U.S. economic sanctions on different countries and specific individuals. These news articles provide details about the politics behind the sanctions but do not provide useful guidance for moving the business forward. This training will outline the U.S. trade control programs and how to comply while minimizing the impact on the growth of the business.

This session will cover:


  • Overview of:

    • Economic and Trade Sanctions (e.g., OFAC)

    • Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons

    • Deemed Exports and Protecting Technology

    • Anti-Boycott (e.g., Boycott of Israel)

  • Industry Specific Discussion of Prohibited Conduct

  • Identification of Red Flags

  • Reporting & Record Keeping

  • Exceptions & Penalties



The above program is offered via live webinar or in person. The length of the session is geared toward the particular client's needs.


This training is helpful for staff in a company’s legal, compliance, treasury, finance, sales & marketing, research & development, human resources departments.

For more information, you may contact me via my site contact page or directly via e-mail:

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