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  • Elizabeth A. McMorrow

Foreign Trusts: Head to Sioux Falls October 17 & 18

The South Dakota Trust Association is hosting its third annual Fall Forum on October 17 & October 18, 2019 at Sioux Falls Convention Center. The Fall Forum will include a variety of speakers on both the local and national level addressing a wide range of topics relating to South Dakota and the broader trust industry.

I will be the moderator of the “Guidance on Foreign Trusts” panel. We have a great line up on the panel:

  • Scott Kelly, Deputy Director of Trust, South Dakota Division of Banking

  • Jonathan Sanborn, Esq., Financial Institution Examiner, South Dakota Division of Banking

  • Stephen Bridson, Director - Trust & Fiduciary Services, Trident Trust Company (South Dakota) Inc.

  • Beatrice Skyberg, CPA, CFP®, AEP®, Senior Tax Manager, Eide Bailly LLP

  • Alyssa M. Rosendahl, Trust Officer, South Dakota Trust Company

There has been a growing interest by foreign nationals in creating trusts under South Dakota law. In March 2019, the South Dakota Division of Banking issued Foreign Trust Taxation and Reporting Guidance and Foreign Trust Acceptance and Oversight Guidance. The panel will discuss the goal of the new guidance, practical implementation and obstacles related to the specific aspects of the guidance, best practices, and the Division’s view of potential red flags during related examinations.

For more information on the SDTA Fall Forum:

I hope to see you there!

For assistance, please contact me via my contact page or at

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